Asian hookers Beaver Creek City

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Asian hookers Beaver Creek City

Men felt that it would be a short stay — they would make their fortunes and return home. Letters told just how much the men missed family life, but with so few women living in the mining towns and camps, men retired to gambling houses and saloons — bordellos and cribs. Most of the women in those establishments saw prostitution purely as an economic opportunity; others saw it as the lowest moral degradation. A dichotomy existed — reverence for the good women and contempt for the bad.

Asian hookers Beaver Creek City

The good women worked to outlaw drinking, gambling and prostitution. The bad played up to the male ego; they kept the liquor flowing at the saloons and between dances at the dance halls. They waited nightly in the cribs and bordellos. Prostitution flourished wherever men willingly paid for it. Although ages varied, ranging from as young as 13 to as old as 50, the average prostitute was about 21 years old.

No matter her age, she hoped to make money fast, marry well and become socially acceptable. What pulled women into prostitution? Sometimes women answered for domestic work that promised high pay but found themselves in brothels instead with no means of escape. The prostitute had many names: soiled dove, lady of the evening, jeweled bird, fallen angel, shady lady, that other woman, lady of the lamplight, frail sister, scarlet woman, painted hussy, fancy girl and many other less flattering appellations.

In the United States, its origins date from the days when railroad men left their red al lanterns outside the brothels or cribs while they were inside — so they could be found in an emergency. Thus as the railro Asian hookers Beaver Creek City the country, red light districts sprang up alongside railroad tracks, where numerous saloons already existed.

A definite hierarchy existed to prostitution. At the top were the madam and the women with a genteel air about them who inhabited the highly decorated houses. On the lowest rung of the ladder were the women who worked out of the two-room cribs, each with a small bedroom and kitchen, clustered on a side street near the saloons. Prostitutes who inhabited cribs such as those in Breckenridge did not get rich plying their trade.

Money came in with each customer but left Asian hookers Beaver Creek City as quickly. They faced living expenses, too. They needed to buy food, fuel to heat their rooms during long winter nights and clothing, as well as perhaps pay rent for the crib or fines to the local sheriff as were collected in Breckenridge and Frisco. If a camp fell on hard times, customers moved on. So, too, did the prostitutes.

Asian hookers Beaver Creek City

In order to disguise their identity or elude the law, many of the women assumed fake names and nicknames. Others played on her talents: Few Clothes Molly or Featherlegs. Sometimes a prostitute planning to move on bribed the local newspaper editor to print an obituary of her.

Thus she could move on with an all-new identity.

Asian hookers Beaver Creek City

According to the census, six prostitutes lived in the same house just off Main Street in Breckenridge. The special Colorado census recorded six prostitutes living at various locations throughout the county. Suicide was the most common way a prostitute retired from her job — if she survived the hazards of the profession. Suicide was so common it barely made the newspapers. The Summit County Journal on Oct. So was murder. If suicide, murder or drug abuse did not befall a working girl, she could always succumb to disease or illness.

Accidents happened. As early asRecen, on May 13, outlawed bawdy houses and prostitution. Breckenridge officially outlawed prostitution inwhen town leaders at their regular meeting on Jan. Even so, prostitution continued.

Asian hookers Beaver Creek City

Yet, Frisco boasted that there were no undesirables in town: no lawyers, gambles, ladies of the night or ministers. Not everyone paid the fee willingly. In the Dec. The fine was paid. Some prostitutes had a soft spot. In Breckenridge, a retiring madam agreed to sell her house to a large family with several children. The husband succumbed to flu in before the transaction could be completed, leaving the widow destitute. After the funeral, the madam quietly surrendered the deed without expecting a penny, with no one ever the wiser to her benevolent act.

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Asian hookers Beaver Creek City

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Asian hookers Beaver Creek City Asian hookers Beaver Creek City

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