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We have put together a broad range of information to support both planning for your arrival in Abu Dhabi and for the early months as you settle in, so you and your family can start enjoying living here as soon as possible. We do hope it helps! The guide is divided into four sections: 1. Part One: General information about Abu Dhabi a. A brief guide b. Population c. Transportation d. Weather e. Language f. Religion g. Ramadan h. Public holidays i. National dress j. Appropriate attire for expats k. Women l. Cultural and social awareness 2. Part Two: Before you leave home a.

Visas b. What to bring c. Pets 3. Part Three: Settling In a. Currency b. Banking c. Healthcare d. Accommodation e. Alcohol f. Cost of living g. Staying in touch h. Pre-school childcare i. Recreation j. Further resources k. Emergency s 4. Transitions a The process of transitions Company Note: This information is provided as a general guide. Nord Anglia Education does not guarantee that it is the very latest information and will not be liable for any inaccuracies in this information.

Families wishing to obtain further information should contact the relevant local authority. Abu Dhabi City is situated on an island in the Arabian Gulf off the central western coast, while the majority of the city and Emirate reside on the mainland connected to the rest of the country. This simple island settlement has since been transformed into the modern, cosmopolitan city of Abu Dhabi and the high-rise capital Call girl in dubai with photo the United Arab Emirates.

Call girl in dubai with photo

It is now a vibrant Middle Eastern city, and is wealthy, modern, safe and welcoming to expat residents and tourists. It has a large expatriate population and a growing tourism industry, catering to mainly western visitors. As a major transport hub, travel all over the world is convenient and relatively inexpensive. Population Abu Dhabi has witnessed huge population growth in recent years. In mid Abu Dhabi had an estimated resident population of 2, Men outed women with 1, men towomen.

With many different nationalities on the ro, with varying driving standards and practices, it is advisable to be vigilant and expect the unexpected. Many nationalities see www. If you do not have a drivingor if your nationality is not one of those approved for a direct transfer, you will need to pass a local driving test theory and practical. Rental cars There are a Call girl in dubai with photo of rent-a-car companies in Abu Dhabi, including some of the larger international companies such as Hertz, Dollar, Avis, Thrifty.

They all provide long-term as well as short-term rentals. If you are planning to visit Dubai in your own vehicle, you must Call girl in dubai with photo you have a Salik tag in your car. These can be purchased quite easily, either online or at main petrol stations on the way to Dubai. For more information visit www. There are four toll gates in Abu Dhabi and they are located on the main bridges leading to Abu Dhabi City.

Peak hours are from Saturday to Thursday 7. Note: this information is correct at the time of writing July but may change over time. Expats who have committed road offences will also be unable to leave the UAE before they have paid their traffic fines. Even though expats are likely to see other drivers ignore red lights and speed limits, there are cameras at many intersections and fines are high.

Public transport in Abu Dhabi Buses The Department of Transport offers modern buses with air-conditioning and disabled access. The buses serve the city of Abu Dhabi and its suburbs.

Call girl in dubai with photo

Fares vary, depending on frequency and distance of travel. Passengers must purchase a bus pass before boarding. Buses to Dubai and Sharjah are also available. Taxis A very popular way to get around in Abu Dhabi is by taxi. You can flag a taxi at the roide or make an advance booking by phone or app. Most drivers in Abu Dhabi speak good English. They are, however, more familiar with landmarks than addresses so, it always helps to mention nearby parks, banks, shopping malls or hotels when giving directions to your desired destination.

Although taxi fares have recently increased, it remains a reasonably cheap way of getting around the city. You can estimate taxi fares using the following link: www. Sunny blue skies can be expected throughout the year. During this time, sandstorms occur intermittently, in some cases reducing visibility to a Call girl in dubai with photo metres. The cooler season is from November to March, which ranges between moderately hot to mild. This period also sees dense fog on some days and a few days of rain. On average, January is the coolest month in the year, while August is the hottest.

Since the Tropic of Cancer passes through the emirate, the southern part falls within the Tropics. However, despite the coolest month having a Humidity can also be Call girl in dubai with photo issue, particularly in the evenings. However, during the cooler months November to Aprilan outdoor lifestyle can be enjoyed, and occasionally people even need to wear a jacket! Language Abu Dhabi is a melting pot of cultures. As well as western expats, a large proportion of the population comes from the sub-continent and Asian countries.

Therefore, as you would expect, while walking around the capital, you hear many different languages being spoken. Arabic is of course the official language of the UAE, however English is widely spoken and understood. s and labels are generally printed in both Arabic and English. Most Emiratis speak English well, and communication is rarely an issue for English-speakers. Making an effort to learn some Arabic phrases and greetings is always very well-received and comes as a surprise to locals.

Hal tatakalam al Engleziah? All locals are Muslim, and it is also the most prevalent religion among the general population. The call to prayer Adan can be heard across the UAE five times a day. It is common to see people praying in public, even by the side of the road sometimes.

Mosques can be found almost everywhere, and prayer rooms are provided in most establishments schools, shopping malls, airports, hospitals etc.

Call girl in dubai with photo

Friday is the sixth day of the Islamic week and the first day of the weekend. It is the day Muslims particularly men gather for special prayers in the early afternoon. All residents whatever their religion enjoy the benefit of several Islamic public holidays during the year, commemorating aspects of the religion.

Please note these are subject to moon sightings and as such may be advised last minute. Although the active promotion of other religions is not allowed, you will see temples, churches and chapels around Abu Dhabi. During this time which is during April and May inMuslims are required to abstain from eating, drinking and smoking during daylight hours. Live music and dancing are also forbidden. As a gesture of courtesy and respect, non-Muslims are expected to refrain from eating, drinking and smoking in public.

This applies to everyone with the exception of pregnant and nursing women and young children. Many food and drink outlets are closed completely during the day but come alive at night and then stay open until Call girl in dubai with photo early hours of the morning. Those that remain open during the day may be screened off from public view.

Call girl in dubai with photo are broken with Iftar, at sunset. This meal can be enjoyed by all members of the community and is often a time when a Muslim friend or acquaintance may reach out to you and invite you to them to break their fast.

It is polite to always accept these invitations. The working day is shorter during the month of Ramadan. Part One: General information about Abu Dhabi National Dress Most Emiratis wear their national dress in public, though may, at home, wear western clothes. Typically, Emirati women are very style-conscious and the abaya has become more than just a plain black robe over the last few years, often embellished with be or crystals.

Appropriate attire for Expats Abu Dhabi is generally conservative but tolerant when it comes to dress code. The attitude to clothing is relaxed, but visitors both men and women are advised not to wear excessively revealing clothing in public places, as a of respect for local culture and customs. A light sweater or cardigan is handy when visiting a shopping mall, cinema, hotel or restaurant where the temperature might be kept low to counter the outdoor heat.

Slightly warmer clothes or extra layers are needed for the short winter season, especially in the evening and early morning. Here are some general guidelines: Shorts and skirts must be of an appropriate length avoid mini-skirts and short shorts.

Call girl in dubai with photo

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