Emily osment dress up and makeover games

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To be honest, a tough comment like that is a little unexpected, coming from the girl who sits across from me all glammed-up with dramatic makeup, gorgeous blonde curls and a stunning, ruffled grey dress. Yet all good things must come to an end, and this spring will see the last episode of the show that so many have to come to love. For Emily, the curtain has already closed. Though she was sad to say goodbye, Emily says it ended at the right time. I got out of there and a week later I was on tour in Canada for two months.

I was happy to move on and do something else that I love. Not even missing a beat, Emily has already taken the difficult next step and made her move into music full time. While her EP gave her a good start, Emily Emily osment dress up and makeover games she really found her voice with this album. Not only does this record show off her vocal talent, it demonstrates her song writing skills as well. Or a lot. My best friend lives in New York now, when she used to live two blocks from me. Although she is taking a year off to pursue her music career college is still a major goal for her—she wants to major in conceptual physicsEmily pushes past the fear of the unknown and makes a conscious decision to be positive about each new step she takes.

A part of that adventure is recognizing that, as individuals, no one is just one thing.

Emily osment dress up and makeover games

There are multiple aspects to our personalities—which is what makes life such an incredible journey! I love to act. I can sing. I can play guitar. I write music. I can dance really well.

Emily osment dress up and makeover games

I can cook. I do a lot of things. I do A LOT of things. And you just have to get to know me. Emily knew, getting into the world of entertainment, that she would be judged—and, at times, quite harshly.

Emily osment dress up and makeover games

With a little help from those around her—people who made her want to be the best version of herself—Emily found that the negative comments just fell away. Concentrating on the positive instead, she was able to, with confidence and poise, take the next step in her journey. Goodbye Hannah Montana; hello musical stardom. It can be hard to move from something that is comfortable and familiar and good, to something that is unknown.

Take a blind step into that? But even though it might be difficult, and the butterflies in your stomach are more like gigantic bats crashing into everything and threatening to run you off the path, Emily stresses that each next step is completely worth it. You just need to have a little faith. Win a Grammy or an Oscar? Be able to stop time while you sleep or never need to do laundry again?

Go skydiving or bungee jumping? Who would you bring to keep you company?

Emily osment dress up and makeover games

I have been stranded on a desert island—no, I mean, I went to the Bahamas. So I would bring her anywhere. We could be stuck in an elevator and have a good time. What one item would you need to have with you for entertainment? A Sudoku puzzle book. I feel like if I was on an island— Lord of the Flies —I would survive.

Emily osment dress up and makeover games

I would be the one making all the food. I could do well on Survivor —if I can have a toothbrush, I would be okay. What would be the first thing you would eat after being rescued? I feel like I would start simple, with maybe a taco.

Emily osment dress up and makeover games Emily osment dress up and makeover games

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Emily Osment Is Ready To Take The Next Step In Her Career