Hooters lap dance

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Tonight Hooters lap dance was out for a group evening of dinner and a movie, and I was with all males my age. Naturally, someone brought up Hooters as a dinner choice. I didn't feel like going against 5 other opinions so I obliged. We walk into Hooters, and I begin trying to gather my first impression of the place. We sit down at the table and begin talking. I begin catching some revealingly clad ladies in my peripheral vision. It's not that I'm voluntarily looking around. It's more like my optical nerves caught sight and sent a message to my neck muscles by way of my brain: "Hey dumbass, pan right, check it out!

So I looked, and Hooters lap dance were quite a few attractive ladies in what's apparently ubiquitous Hooters attire. However, once that wore off after about 30 seconds, I realized that the place was actually pretty annoying. The music was crappy, way too loud, and also conflicting with the loud televisions. Line cooks kept yelling the girls' names to come get the food from the kitchen.

Hooters lap dance

I looked around at the guys I was with, and they seemed kind of mesmerized between the Final Four on the television and of course the eye candy. This is when I realized how much I didn't fit in. I don't like sports for one, and the girls just weren't doing anything for me. Our server, Sonya arrived, and she was nice, also gorgeous.

But above her job assets was a face, and a personality. For this reason I just couldn't muster a "hey baby" or even think it. I mean, 2, assholes a day probably hit on this girl, and for some reason the last thing I wanted to be was 2, However, the whole time, Hooters lap dance were a little different than other places, she was of course being somewhat flirtatious.

Hooters lap dance

This irks me. I wasn't about to be anything but nice to this girl and leave a good tip, so I kept quiet in that regard. However, there's something I just really don't like about Hooters. First of all, it's in the girl's job description to act like everything I say is immensely interesting, right down to what dressing I want with the grilled Hooters lap dance salad. I know she's also supposed to talk in a really girlish-flirtatious tone constantly, and I know it's her job to draw hearts on my receipt, and at the bottom, write a nice "Thanks, hon!

These things I'm aware of. My question is, what is the mass appeal? Yeah, the girls are attractive, but it's all so contrived. The whole time I got the feeling that the pieces of meat weren't so much the ones Hooters lap dance my salad, as the ones walking around giving refills. I really don't like that kind of atmosphere. It was made worse by all the dirty old men that apparently frequent the place. I'm expected to eat and enjoy myself in an environment in which vulgar men are subtly and not-so-subtly lusting after girls half their age?

Is something wrong with me? I know I like girls, but this just wasn't doing anything for me. I'm a 19 year old heterosexual male. Seems that's what was expected of me. Wise and knowledgeable Lounge, what's my dysfunction? The food sucks too, IMO. I see no reason to go there. If you think Hooters is something, wait until the first time you go to a strip club.

Hooters lap dance

I dunno, but Hooters was pretty cool when we used to go there as 15 yr olds. Then they went to a club where the women are naked and serve you. Now they don't go to Hooters anymore. I must say, Hooters lap dance types make me uncomfortable, and I'm a 22 year old heterosexual male, so think what you will. Hooters sucks. The food sucks and frankly, the hooters suck too. If you want Friday's food, go to Friday's. If you want titties and ass, go to a proper strip club.

Hooters lap dance

Hooters is the guilty man's strip club. Something about the mentality just doesn't sit right with me. I was in Hooters thinking to myself that I would much rather one of the girls just sat down at my table and we got to know each other over Hooters lap dance. I wouldn't even mind if she were fully-clothed. I thought that was kind of normal.

Until at Hooters tonight many Hooters lap dance males of greater genius enlightened me as to just how flaming-queer that was of me. Went to a hooters back in ' Mind you. The t-shirts I purchased from them at the time are some of the most comfortable I've ever owned. Roll Eyes Sounds like you need some new friends. Here you go. That's the best I can do for you as I had no digicam with me. Like the restaurant, that site's sheer level of class is downright palpable. Actually, the guys who made those jokes were acquaintances of friends of mine. My actual friends were kind of in the same situation as me, and as for the acquaintances, they won't be losing that second degree of separation from me.

For unrelated reasons though, I do need some new friends. But in addition to my current ones. Something Hooters lap dance not wanting to debase women or objectify them, I'm sure I had plenty of reasons that made me feel more noble than the drooling buffoons around me. Then I realized that the women are adults, free to make their own decisions, so I might as well help them through their course in life by oggling their boobs and leaving them a nice tip.

It is, I think, the very least I can do. Most strip clubs I've been to have sucked. They are adults, and I understand that working at Hooters is their decision, but it just didn't sit right with me. I'm sure she needs the money, but I also think she'd rather be doing something better with her life. You want to talk a woman into Didn't expect on the first though. Considering it's kind of a slow time of day for the Lounge at the moment, I find your transcendence above and beyond the call of punctuality impressive.

Oh, yes, how enlightened of you. Of course! When it comes to sex, you lose! My girlfriend is sitting next to me laughing at you. What's your excuse? You must similarly enjoy hiring escorts and educating them on the erotic nature of particle physics. Easy, killer. She might be enjoying herself. I didn't give her any kind of hand out. Even if they're fully clothed. And it's not really a pride thing.

I'm actually a little confused, and also upset that this kind of thing gets me denigrated by some of my peers. As for escorts, I was never too good in Physics class, and certainly can't afford escorts either. And finally: quote: Congratulations! When it comes too sex, you lose! Or secret forbidden internet affair behind your back? Hooters lap dance actually really really really simple to figure out.

And it doesn't matter if it's Hooters or the local strip club. Women aren't stupid. They know what's up, they know the "deal," and some of them have Hooters lap dance NO problem using their sexuality for personal gain. Do they know they are wearing tight shorts and a shirt? But doing so they can make more money then they can working at the local Family restaurant down the street. And here's the kicker, they're ok with it. They don't need you to feel sorry for them, they don't need you to feel like they are being objectified.

Most importantly, they don't need you to "save" them from their current job. They know exactly what's going on. They are providing good service and some eye candy for all the young boys that still don't know what's going on with the opposite sex AND all the middle aged men that have been married for so long they forgot what the opposite sex looked like. At the end of the day all parties involved go home happy. It's a win-win situation. Edit: As for Hooters in particular, I've never found their food all that great.

But as the saying goes, "You don't go to Hooters for the food.

Hooters lap dance

Hey jeff, you're not alone. I pretty much avoid strip clubs and hooters.

Hooters lap dance

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