How to hurt your brother

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Last Updated: March 28, References. To create this article, 36 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewedtimes. Brothers can be annoying sometimes. If you want to get your brother off your How to hurt your brother, you can learn some creative ways to get on his nerves and avoid getting into trouble. Since annoying your older brother is a little different than annoying younger brothers, you can learn how to get on the nerves of both, however old you are.

To annoy your brother, go into his room and use his stuff when he's not around. Or, you can be really loud and obnoxious when he's busy doing something, like homework or talking on the phone. You can also try hiding his phone, How to hurt your brother, or computer and pretend you don't know where it is when he's frantically looking for it.

If he's on his computer, try shutting off the internet so it stops working. To learn how to annoy your brother using the silent treatment, scroll down! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Random Article. Home Random Terms of Use. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Cookie Settings.

How to Annoy Your Brother. Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1. Mimic his voice. Any time your brother says anything, repeat what he said, but in a high-pitched girly voice. This has been driving little brothers crazy since the dawn of time. Take bites off his plate.

While you're eating dinner, wait until nobody is looking and start sneaking bites off his plate. Make sure it's his favorite food, too. Before he notices, make comment like, "Jeez, where's all your food going. Boss him around like you're his parent. Little brothers want to be older so badly that the more you draw attention to their youth, the more annoyed they'll be. Treat him like he's much younger than you all the time.

If you have to do chores together, keep commenting about how he's slow, or can't keep up with you because you're older. As him chores, even if it's not your job to do chore-asments.

How to hurt your brother

Call him a baby any time he asks you for help, or doesn't understand something. Always talk about how he's too small, too short, or not old enough to know something. Make stuff up. Little brothers are impressionable little goofs. One way to annoy them is to make up ridiculous lies about the world and get them to believe it. If you can even get them to repeat it like it's real?

That's a total win. Tell your brother avocados are actually dinosaur eggs. And they're poisonous. Tell your brother he wasn't actually born, your parents grew him in a bucket from catfish he. Tell your brother that you have the power to read minds. He's thinking, "No you don't.

How to hurt your brother

And says it wants to eat him. Tell your brother Star Wars is a documentary. It really happened. Tell your brother when he turns whatever age he turns next, his nipples will fall off, then grow back. Embarrass him in front of his friends. If your brother has some friends coming over, it's a great time to mess with him and embarrass him in front of others.

Bring out some of his baby pictures, or talk about something embarrassing he did the day before when his friends are over. He'll get really annoyed. Nuclear warfare: Dump a glass of water on How to hurt your brother bed, so it looks like he peed it the night before. Wait until his friends come over and let them find it. Be really careful about doing this. If you're a cool older kid, you should probably have better things to do than messing around with your younger brother in front of his friends.

You might just look like a loser doing this. Use the silent treatment. He probably wants attention, and keeping that from him will drive him even more crazy than anything you can do. Don't let him do stuff that you're doing. If you're going to watch a movie, say he can't, because it's only for older. Freeze him out of whatever you're doing. Try to be his friend, too. Younger brothers usually look up to older. Just because your little brother might be annoying sometimes, Try to remember that you can How to hurt your brother a good influence on him too. Instead of trying to annoy him, try to teach him to be cool.

Don't make him a nuisance.

How to hurt your brother

Only use these methods to get back at your brother for doing something that's mean. Don't make this a regular habit. Method 2. Go into his room. Older brothers are going to get pretty defensive about their rooms. Ask him a million questions and start messing with his stuff.

How to hurt your brother

Wait until he starts getting up to tell your parents, then leave really quickly and go back to your room. If they ask you about it, say, "He's making it up. Put one on the window that says, "Window. Play innocent. If he tries to beat you up, or chases you out, tell your parents you just tried to ask him a question and he started hitting you. Make annoying noises. Wait until your brother is busy doing something, like playing a complicated game, talking to a girl, or doing his homework.

Then, it's time to strike.

How to hurt your brother

Make stupid noises with your mouth, or with your armpit, or with your toys. Make sure your parents are in another room, so you can stop in enough time before you get into trouble. Hide his stuff.

How to hurt your brother

Hide his phone, keys, books for homework, or anything specific that he thinks is really important. Make it really hard to find, putting it in a box in the attic, or somewhere strange out in the garage. Be careful not to leave incriminating evidence in your room, if you are to do this. Be smart, don't hide stuff under your pillow. If its found, you can always play ignorant and no one will be able to prove it was you. You can also come clean when your brother is looking.

How to hurt your brother

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