How to make your boyfriend love you after a fight

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Published by Rabiya Ehtasahm. You meet an amazing man and he makes you feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Your relationship was going great but then you had an argument or a serious fight. He storms out, leaving you empty, sad, and vulnerable. It's not a great feeling to think that you might lose your love just because of a fight. Let's leave the blame game aside and think rationally.

You miss him from the core of your heart and you want him to miss you too. Maybe he is missing you but he doesn't want to give in. Missing each other shows that both of you care for each other, especially when you had a fight. Now the question is: how to make him miss you after a fight?

You are emotional right now but cool off a bit and use the How to make your boyfriend love you after a fight nine smart strategies to make him miss you after an argument:. At this time, you are emotionally weak and you just want him to come back. You have to understand and accept that it can't happen in the blink of an eye. You have to be patient and you also need time to collect your thoughts and emotions. Cutting off most of the communication will help you to cool off a little bit. When you feel better, you can figure out how to make him miss you after an argument. Your boyfriend will be a bit confused or surprised when there is silence on your end.

You're not the one calling and asking him to come back. It will create a sense of longing in him to see you or at least reach out. When you don't get a response from him, you might feel desperate and want to know how to make your boyfriend miss you after a fight.

Take a deep breath. It's going to be okay. Try to reach out to him yourself with a simple hello and ask how he is doing. Be a little kind but keep your confidence. Being kind but a little distant at the same time may go a long way in patching up this relationship. He'll see that you care but you also have your integrity.

How to make your boyfriend love you after a fight

You are missing him but you don't have to stop going out and living your life. Plan a day out with your friends, preferably in the spots where you and your boyfriend used to hang out. It will help in boosting your confidence. The point of doing it all is to relax your mind. Post a fun picture with your friends on social media so that your boyfriend sees it. It will make him realize that you can live your life even when he is not around.

How to make your boyfriend love you after a fight

Do it just once or twice but not every other day. You don't want to give the impression that you don't need him. Hanging out in those spots will bring back good memories in his mind and he'll know what he is missing.

How to make your boyfriend love you after a fight

Although it sounds like the opposite of posting a fun picture, limiting the use of social media will help you. Stalking him on social media isn't great for you. Limit the of things and pictures you post on social media. Don't comment or like on any of his posts. It will stop you from obsessing over him. He will get curious at some point and would want to reach out. It's natural to withdraw yourself from him after the fight. But if he does reach out and call you, don't be cold. Try to sound natural and normal like when you talk to an acquaintance or a colleague.

Being cold will make him think that you don't miss him or want to get back. Achieving a balance between being cold and too happy is difficult. But if you nail it, you can make him miss you even more. If things aren't working out well, pick up the phone and just apologize. You don't have to beg him to get back. Just a sincere and heartfelt apology will break the ice. Tell him how you feel and you might know at this point how to make him miss you after a fight. Don't push him into responding just yet.

How to make your boyfriend love you after a fight

When you finally get on talking terms, try to remind him that you are worth missing. Maybe he fell in love with you because of your laugh. Try to make a small joke or laugh together on something funny. It will take courage on your part to make the conversation flowing. But when it does, you can talk about good memories or How to make your boyfriend love you after a fight your song in the background.

It will create a sense of nostalgia and he will miss you. When you are away from him, take this time to take care of yourself. Go to a salon and get a new haircut or try a different outfit. Exercise and take care of your diet. You might not feel like it but you need to love yourself first to make him miss you. Finally, the last step is to ask him to meet you. If he agrees, just be yourself because you don't need to overdo anything. You can have a casual conversation. Be confident but politely ask him about his feelings.

You can have a better understanding of his thoughts and feelings face to face. When you are in a relationship, you may have an argument or a fight sometimes. You should be able to deal with this situation in a mature way to make him miss you. Don't make the matters drag on for too long because he will lose interest. What really matters is that you both care for each other enough to forget it and move on. It shouldn't be just you trying to make amends. Hi, I am Rabiya Ehtasahm and I am a writer. Exploring the nuances of life experiences, relationships, and friendship, I love to express the beauty hidden in human connection.

Combining personal experience with keen observation, I talk about being confident and being yourself when we enter into new relationships. Writing about the intricacy of love, friendship and relationships is just like opening up our hearts and souls and knowing ourselves better.

How to make your boyfriend love you after a fight

I hope that you make that deep connection with yourself and those around you through my blogs. Share this:. Rabiya Ehtasahm Article Not Over Yet? Relationship Rabiya Ehtasahm.

How to make your boyfriend love you after a fight How to make your boyfriend love you after a fight

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