Labrador american bulldog

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The offspring of two brainy and active breeds is certainly going to turn some he and get people in the dog world talking. Although crossbreeding has been around since the beginning of the human and canine relationship, it seems that in the last two decades the trend has been on the rise. Labrador american bulldog what makes a mixed breed any different from a mutt?

Actually, as those who support crossbreeding will tell you, there is quite a big difference between deer dogs and mutts. For example, a crossbreed is the deed offspring of two specifically chosen purebred parents. A mutt, on the other hand, is more of an accidental mixed breed with an unknown ancestry. It is a widely known fact that purebred dogs are becoming more and more prone to genetic health issues as a result of generations of overbreeding in order to maintain breed standards. Those who support crossbreeding hope that the practice will help to create healthier offspring by simply widening the gene pool and reducing the chances of inheritable illnesses being passed down to new litters.

However, there are skeptics who insist that purebred dogs and crossbreed dogs are equally as susceptible to inheriting certain health issues from their parent dogs. Well, because he is a newer generation crossbreed, the truth is that the exact story of his origin is still a bit of a mystery.

Originally created to be a hog hunting dog Labrador american bulldog well as a farm dog in the southern United States, the American Bulldog is believed to be the closest descendant of the original Old English Bulldog. After near extinction in the 20th century, the American Bulldog resurfaced thanks to the careful breeding works of Dr.

John D. Johnson and Alan Scott. Despite having yet to be officially recognized by the American Kennel Club, the American Bulldog continues to grow in popularity in the United States today. An ancient breed who has likely been around since the early s, the Lab originally comes from Newfoundland, Canada.

Once upon a time, the Lab was primarily used as a working dog on fishing boats, seeing as he was a rather skilled water hunter and excellent duck retriever. Further refining of the Labrador Retriever by British breeders went on until about the 19th century, and fanciers of the Labrador say Labrador american bulldog the modern-day Lab upholds the same irreplaceable and sought-after traits that made him so desirable from the start!

So put the Lab and the American Bulldog together and you get a unique crossbreed with an equally unique heritage.

Labrador american bulldog

As is the case with all crossbreeds, the American Bulldog Lab mix temperament is going to depend on the behavioral traits the crossbreed inherits from his purebred parents. And while enthusiasts say this breed makes an excellent family dog, a prospective owner of the American Bulldog, or any American Bulldog mix, should note that this is an incredibly powerful breed with a very high prey drive. Due to his hunting and guarding instincts, the American Bulldog may not be suitable for homes with younger children. On the other hand, with his family, the American Bulldog is said to make a gentle, loving pet who is very protective and loyal.

Labrador american bulldog Labrador Retriever is much less wary of strangers and other animals than his protective and assertive friend, the American Bulldog. Unlike the American Bulldog, the Labrador will have no problem with people coming in and out of your home. It does make him an excellent family pet for children of all ages and families with other household dogs. Still, both the Labrador and the American Bulldog are very high-energy breeds, and the Lab especially Labrador american bulldog be slow to mature, meaning that a young Lab can be quite a handful.

While the Lab is ready and willing to learn everything you teach him, the American Bulldog can have a stubborn streak and may find your teachings uninteresting. Keep in mind that your American Bulldog Lab crossbreed could inherit any of the above-mentioned behavioral traits from his parents, so early socialization and obedience training beginning in puppyhood is going to be an absolute must. As we mentioned, the American Bulldog Labrador mix is a smart, energetic dog who could either be eager to please and ready to learn, Labrador american bulldog his Lab parent, or slightly stubborn and hard-headed, like his American Bulldog parent.

For example, the American Bulldog and Lab mix is going to require early socialization beginning in puppyhood and he will also need obedience training throughout his life. This is not only because the American Bulldog Lab mix is a cross between two very energetic purebred dogs.

Labrador american bulldog

Also, one of those purebred parent breeds, the American Bulldog, can be wary of strangers and stubborn at times. Additionally, it can help ensure your American Bulldog Lab mix grows up to be happy and well-rounded. Furthermore, obedience training beginning in puppyhood will better assert that you are the boss and that your American Bulldog Lab Labrador american bulldog is ready, willing, and happy to follow Labrador american bulldog lead!

When it comes to exercising your American Bulldog Lab, experts suggest at least an hour or more a day. This could include a nice walk, jog, or hike, and then some romping about in a securely fenced-in backyard. Since your American Bulldog Lab mix is the hybrid offspring of two rather smart breeds, you may also want to consider looking into training him to do doggy jobs, like bringing in the newspaper and groceries or helping with the laundry. Doggy jobs like those listed above help to give intelligent dogs a positive outlet for their busy minds, which in turn keeps them from becoming bored and destructive.

Again, since we are dealing with a crossbreed, the appearance of your American Bulldog Lab mix is going to be left up to chance and genetics. For starters, Labrador american bulldog American Bulldog, who stands at 20—28 inches tall and weighs between 60— pounds, is a medium-sized dog with a muscular build, a short muzzle, broad chest, floppy ears, and a long tail.

The Labrador is slightly smaller, standing 22—25 inches and weighing 55—80 pounds. He also has floppy ears, a long tail, and alert, intelligent eyes. Keeping the above in mind, an American Bulldog Lab Mix could be anywhere from 20—28 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 55— pounds. His coat type and color will be left up to chance and whichever parent breed he takes after most genetically.

The American Bulldog Labrador is a crossbreed between two dogs who shed, but the Labrador certainly sheds more profusely than the American Bulldog, especially twice a year during shedding season. However, unless your American Bulldog Labrador mix gets especially dirty, he will only need an occasional bath.

Labrador american bulldog

He will also need his nails trimmed regularly to keep them from breaking and his ears checked and cleaned to keep moisture and waxy build-up from causing ear infections. For this reason, whether you have a crossbreed or a purebred, we always recommend early health screening in Labrador american bulldog puppy. Early health screening can help you get a better idea of what your puppy may or may not face in his future.

Furthermore, the American Bulldog is also predisposed to something known as brachycephalic airway obstruction. This is a breathing disorder caused by the skull development in dog breeds with shorter skulls and flatter noses. Early health screening and advice from your vet can help you to better understand and care for your dog should he show symptoms of this condition. The Labrador Retriever American Bulldog mix is, by all s, an intelligent, loyal, and energetic crossbreed. First and foremost, remember that the American Bulldog, in particular, is banned in certain regions.

While there is a lot of debate regarding breed discrimination, the reality is that right now, whether or not you agree with the bans, you should still make sure it is okay to have an American Bulldog crossbreed in your area. Many people get banned dogs and end up being forced to release them to shelters once they are caught. Even if this Labrador american bulldog is welcome in your neck of the woods, there is still a lot to think about before getting one.

The American Bulldog Lab mix will thrive in homes with lots of room for them to grow, run, and play. They need an owner or family who is active Labrador american bulldog able to train, play, and exercise them as much as possible. However, he could get easily excited around especially playful youngsters and accidentally hurt them by playing too roughly. Like the American Bully! When looking to get your hands on American Bulldog Lab puppies, we always suggest doing plenty of research. Are you interested in getting your American Bulldog Lab mix puppies from a breeder, or would you rather go through a rescue?

There are pros and cons to both options, so take your time, make sure whichever source you go through is responsible and reliable, and make the decision that is right for you and your future dog.

Labrador american bulldog

One great thing about going through a shelter to rescue your American Bulldog Lab crossbreed, aside from offering a home to a needy canine, is that shelters will usually cover the initial vet fee. Joan C. He sleeps most of the day and plays for a few hours then more cuddles. He is a super chewer, and looooves to ride!

Labrador american bulldog

Very smart dog, he learned to lay down in a day! We absolutely love our American Bullador!

Labrador american bulldog

I have a 3. I was thinking about getting a Puppy for him as a friend. An American bulldog puppy. A Male. What are your opinions on this. Wants to be by our side at all times. We love him. Wondering about the American Bulldog Lab Mix?

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Labrador american bulldog

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