Looking for schoolgirl girl with old uniform

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To start rewriting the s of everyday work and school life, having a clear aesthetic in mind can facilitate in a fun way to go back to it. There is nothing more iconic than the schoolgirl uniformworn by pop culture icons like Cher Horowitz and the entire cast of Gossip Girlbetween old and new faces, to channel the desire to get back on track with mini skirts and chunky loafers. Common only to private schools in Italy, wearing a uniform is the rule in many European countries where pleated skirts, sweaters, white socks and loafers are a must, even outside the viral videos of Tik Tok.

Created in the s to smooth social differences and impose order in academic circumstances, the school uniform was boycotted, reinvented and rethought by students from all over the world to become an aesthetic symbol of adolescence and like all things related to the female universe, often also strumentalized.

Let's discover how between conformism and rebellion, social disorder and punk rock that has been used in subcultures and high fashion by international deers to subvert the system, to become the clear aesthetic that today we would recognize everywhere.

Having a uniform is a functional solution, which frees you from cathartic doubts about what to wear and helps to be consistent in everyday style. Invented in the 16th century but popularized for women only in the early s in the Western worldthe school uniform has changed shape over and over. Always thought with the skirt, in the roaring '20 was composed of shirt with sailor-inspired collar, in the decade borrowed from men's wardrobes blazer with incisions and more sartorial cuts.

From the 60s on, the uniforms remain in vogue in private and Catholic schools, where girls had to give the most curious twists Looking for schoolgirl girl with old uniform miniskirts and socks to express their style. A special mention goes to the chunky socks of Japanese Kogyaruswhich have become a symbol of a school subculture linked to the subversion of the capitalist system demonstrated by the changes to the compulsory school uniforms.

Today the school uniform is no longer mandatory, but the charm of aesthetics made up of the miniskirt and a pair of optical white socks is still a choice: on Tik Tok the hashtag Backtoschool already counts 6. Anyone who was a teenager in the late 90s early s is perfectly aware of being influenced by the style of high school movies and TV series. The preppy style, tied to the British Looking for schoolgirl girl with old uniform American private schools pervaded the vicissitudes of the girls in Gossip Girl, where the starched collars of Blair Waldorf made all the girls dream of a private school as cool as those of the Upper East Side.

In Clueless there are no uniforms but the protagonists wear them anyway and are used as a storytelling tool to demonstrate the passing of the seasons and the advance of the school year with colors and fabrics that change.

Looking for schoolgirl girl with old uniform

Obviously the female uniform has Looking for schoolgirl girl with old uniform widely sexualized by the international media, both in the anime and pop music: just think of the image of the fabulous Britney Spears still underage in "Hit me Baby One More Time" or censored episodes of Japanese manga.

The birth of the figures of the "Otaku" literally "superfan" but with a negative meaning that represents men obsessed with the scholastic aesthetics perfectly represents the fetishist category that has been created over the years, due to the instrumentalization of the female body.

This makes that on Tik Tok, looking for hashtags schoolgirl and schoolgirloutfits is blocked and runs into a disclaimer of community guidelines that indicate that the term is associated with behaviors or content that violate the security rules of the platform and do not get. Even top celebs and influencers like Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Elsa Hosk use it a lot, and newborn star Olivia Rodrigo used it to tribute 90s movies highschool fashion in her latest music video, "Sociopath". It's raining colorful tartansminiskirts, coats of arms, V-neck vest, loafers, knee-high socks, caps and eyeglasses.

The golden years of adolescence are a vivid dream even for deers who have repeatedly taken the opportunity to twist the canons imposed by institutions when it comes to uniforms to give them a new and sparkling twist.

Looking for schoolgirl girl with old uniform

Thom Browne with its classic elegance is perfectly in line with the scholastic aesthetic, where tailoring and identity are the prerogatives. Whatever year it is about to begin to welcome it with the right look is like declaring to be ready. Also deed for those who no longer go to school.

Looking for schoolgirl girl with old uniform

History and evolution of the "school girl uniform" The school aesthetic is steeped in history between cult movies, fashion and a spirit of rebellion. Thom Browne. G-Club September 13th, Author Irene Coltrinari. History and evolution of the "school girl uniform". The school aesthetic is steeped in history between cult movies, fashion and a spirit of rebellion. History and evolution. Versace FW Dior Fall Weekday Check Short Pleated Skirt.

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Looking for schoolgirl girl with old uniform

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Looking for schoolgirl girl with old uniform

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