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If you have ever camped near the ocean while surrounded by tall redwood trees, then this is an hour of music you can relate to. My cabin camping experience near Manchester Beach in northern California inspired today's Oct. It did happen -- a fox was spotted on a rooftop in west Davis.

Lyric of listen

I heard about it and put a musical take on this, using the words "rooftop" and "fox," or a connection to it. Covid started and we ended up wearing masks. I really never owned a mask before but Lyric of listen I have a box of them in the house and many more in my car. So of course I had to do a show on masks -- not only the type I have in my box, but the masks we wear to present ourselves to the world or to hide behind. Why do we kiss? Let's explore this with the aid of some mighty fine tunes, on the latest edition Aug.

This week Aug. It all revolves around music. Let's have music talk about soccer and money The title is correct.

Lyric of listen

On today's July 30 Listening Lyricswe look into two top news stories and add the wonderful world of song to help us understand. Listening Lyrics explofres 3 topics with the help of songs. The recent earth quake in Nevada. The farmer who went looking for cows and how beer saved his life. Finally the Texas Democratic assemby fleeing the state. This week's episode of Listening Lyrics digs deep into the case of a missing tomato. Great stories and some pretty cool Lyric of listen.

This week Listening Lyrics does a little tongue in cheek. The glue of the show, however, is the music. Vincent, Mdou Moctar and many more. A nice set of music will please your ears and settle your stomach. It was hearing the eclectic mix of music which brought on a rush of memories. The wonder of music is indeed powerful. Once I get all of your albums cleaned up - I'm doing a show on your collection.

I Lyric of listen I'll call it Vinyl - one mans trash reaps another mans treasure. If I lived in the Davis area I'd chase these two around to every one of their gigs. What a find! Surely this was a relaxing hour complete with great banter and music. All that was missing was for all of us sitting around with some after dinner Port and maybe a fire in the fireplace as the conversation carried on.

You and Jeanne were so right about the old 78s and their scratch bringing something special to the listening experience. The occasional totally 'dead' moments found on CDs are almost jarring. Lyric of listen I realized just how wonderfully mellow this show was I would have listened in the evening with a cup of caffeine free Peppermint tea and my feet up on the table.

As it was, listening in the morning, it was still one I was gald I did not miss.

Lyric of listen

Just discovered that I am never too old to learn -- this week Chris Clark opened up a whole new pathway leading to a greater appreciation of and the enchantment of jazz. Mesmerizing show Pieter. Gave me that moment of pause and allowed me to begin wrapping my arms around music and lyrics which will let calm settle in. An excellent compilation of wonderful words and sounds.

Love the new dimension and the seamless, feed-each-other, dimension it gives the program's back and forth banter. Great music selection and accompanying background info this week! So good, so listenable, so smooth,and exactly my favorite style in music. Thanks Pieter and Alex. Programs Listening Lyrics Listening Lyrics. Right here on KDRT Listening Lyrics is a genre free zone - we feature the artist. What makes them do their thing. Listen to the hope and satisfaction in their voices.

Listen to what only commercial free community radio can bring you. Close your eyes - open your ears - relax your mind. host Pieter Pastoor and co-host Jeanne Pastoor. Now lets enter, the mother of all that is music and lyrics and the human capability of producing art. Pieter Pastoor. Home URL:. Listening Lyrics on Facebook. Listen to past shows Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Take a listen on this week's Lyric of listen. Great songs will take us on the musical journey of masks. Thanks - we had fun putting it together. Thanks for having Chris Clark on the show Pieter. I was listening Lyric of listen few of your shows today. First- this is high quality stuff!!!!

I was blown away!!! I'm a fan!!!! Third- for me, it is just brilliant to be able to listen to you two. Your voice sounds so familiar. It feels like sitting with you Lyric of listen the same room. Your name. More information about text formats. Leave this field blank.

Lyric of listen

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