Older needs a secret lover

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Older needs a secret lover

Menu Sections. M y wife and I are unofficially separated but we're on reasonably good terms. When I was about 50 years old, I made a monumental mistake - I started an affair with a girl almost 30 years my junior. She was quite a shy, reserved person and displayed a maturity beyond her years. She didn't socialise with her work colleagues which I thought was unusual, but seemed to like talking to me as we came from similar backgrounds. Over the years in my job I had many opportunities to take advantage of vulnerable women and start affairs, but I always prided myself on being professional - that is until I met this girl.

I knew her through my work and as she worked close to where Older needs a secret lover worked we would often bump into each other and have a chat.

Older needs a secret lover

This went on for about 18 months before we became involved. I never had an intention of starting an affair but somehow she seemed to look up to me, perhaps as a father figure. We enjoyed each other's company and did many things together.

Older needs a secret lover

She liked doing things for me and she amazed me with her knowledge about everything. I obviously was flattered that such a young girl was paying me so much attention. I believe that I was her first serious relationship. Many people would accuse us of having a sleazy sexual affair.

Older needs a secret lover was not the case. We were the best of friends and she seemed to fill a void in my life. To me our friendship was the most important aspect of the affair. Anyway, about two years ago, she met up with a person about her own age who was also an old school friend.

The break up was traumatic for me. She promised to keep in touch by phone but unfortunately this failed to materialise.

Older needs a secret lover

I was heartbroken and am still trying to come to terms with it. Perhaps she felt that a clean break was best but it would have been nice just to keep in touch. I understand that she wanted much more security than I could give her. However, 23 years is a long time to have known someone and then to lose all contact with such a good friend. I think I may have experienced something that I had never experienced before - that magic four-letter word.

As a result of the affair, I lost friends and some family members. Finally, I'm not looking for pity, I made a mistake and I'm not too proud of myself. Initially, in my naivety, I thought that no one would get hurt but that was not the case. A: I accept that you are not looking for pity but this is quite a sad letter. You must now be somewhere in your 70s looking back on your life and asking 'what if? We love lots of people in our lives in all sorts of different ways, so it's not really true that you experienced love for the first time with her.

When we lose somebody we love, we go through a period of grieving which is what is happening right now to you. In some ways it is actually easier to cope with the pain of loss through death, particularly if the person that died had lived a long life.

We then have all the rituals of a funeral service and the comfort of friends to help us cope. However, when there is an ending of a relationship, particularly one that - for at least some of the time - had to be a hidden one, then there are no rituals to help people through. In the counselling room whenever a couple with a story similar to yours came to me, it was always difficult for the wife - who after all was the wronged person - to accept that the husband was grieving the loss of his affair.

You must have felt very alone when the relationship ended, and you will probably continue to feel like that for quite Older needs a secret lover time. There is also the knowledge that she is now with somebody else which is difficult for you because you miss what you had together. The only comfort I can give you is that in time things will get easier, but of course the whole experience has changed your life.

All correspondence will be treated in confidence. I have recently become involved in a relationship with a new woman. We have a very strong physical and mental connection. Know this fellow single folk: if someone you have been on a date with sends you a Whatsapp message with the coffin emoji in it, it's probably an omen. I have recently separated Older needs a secret lover my partner of four Older needs a secret lover. We have a one-year-old together. I met my partner online and we hit it off straight away. Irish couples are more adventurous in the bedroom than anywhere else in the world.

Dear Mary: I'm heartbroken now my affair with a secret lover 30 years my junior is over. Close Picture posed. Facebook Twitter Whatsapp. Facebook Twitter. Q: I am a married man with a grown-up family and still living at home. Video of the Day. Everything you need to know about Budget Hilarious sketch shows difference between Irish and German hospitality.

Older needs a secret lover

Why is my libido so low? How can I get over this abuse? Dear Mary: I have sexual fantasies about my sister, even when I'm with my wife.

Older needs a secret lover

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