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The better accommodate our customers who manage their City Utilities s online, and to provide a payment website that is compatible with mobile devices such as phones and tablets, City Utilities has upgraded our online payment portal effective February 21, !

Online chat Fort Wayne

To access the new payment website click " Pay My Bill " to your right on Online chat Fort Wayne screen. If you were a registered user of the City Utilities payment website in the past you will need to re-register using your customer and when you use the new site for the first time. for step by step instructions EBilling customers -- if you have used City Utilities' paperless eBilling service in the past, you will need to re-enroll in eBilling through the new payment website.

Here's how It will continue without interruption. If you have questions or need assistance with the new payment websiteplease call City Utilities' Customer Relations atus at This address is being protected from spambots. Fort Wayne City Utilities is committed to protecting the quality of our rivers and to keeping the community informed about events that may affect them. About a third of the city of Fort Wayne is served by combined sewers.

Combined sewers collect sewage from homes, businesses and industries and carry it to the Water Pollution Control sewage treatment Plant for treatment. When it is not raining, all the sewage goes to to the plant and is treated. When it rains or when snow is melting, these combined sewers also collect and carry rain water runoff or melting snow. Sometimes the sewers cannot carry all of the combined wastewater flow so the sewer system allows some combined sewage to Online chat Fort Wayne discharged to the rivers.

When sewers were being deed and built in the late s and the first half of the s these combined sewer overflows were an acceptable way to de sewer system. Following the implementation of the Clean Water Act in the s, combined sewers could no longer be built and communities with combined sewers are now required to make ificant investments to reduce these combined sewer overflow events.

Fort Wayne's combined sewer overflow outfall locations are shown on the map below: Click for larger map. The spreheet below contains information about combined sewer Online chat Fort Wayne events that may have occurred within the past 7-days including locations where overflows have occurred, times when the overflows began and ended and an estimate of the amount of sewage released. This information is updated each week on Wednesday.

CSO Overflow Data. The information published on this web is for general information purposes only and is not to be considered a final report for purposes of satisfying any applicable legal requirements.

Online chat Fort Wayne

While Fort Wayne City Utilities endeavors to provide accurate and up to date information, it makes no representations or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, with respect to the completeness, accuracy, or reliability of the information presented. Formal monthly reports of operations MROs are provided to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and may be accessed through its website.

Online chat Fort Wayne

Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Indiana. The project includes rehabilitation in the sewer system, improvements at the Online chat Fort Wayne treatment plant, improvements to the wet weather ponds and the construction of a deep tunnel to store higher flows during wet weather. Fort Wayne has considered climate resiliency by including components that are intentionally deed in anticipation of greater rainfall intensity in future years.

CWSRF programs operate around the country to provide states and communities the resources necessary to maintain and improve the infrastructure that protects our valuable water resources nationwide. At Fort Wayne City Utilities we are proud of the work we do to protect our drinking supply from contamination from cross-connections or backflow events.

We rely on the community of Certified Backflow Prevention Device Testers to help us ensure the safety and reliability of the water system. We've created this web as a location where you can find resources, tips and tools to help you do the vital work to support the health and safety of City Utilities' customers. Here are the most recent Online chat Fort Wayne and information you need to know:.

City Utilities contracts with Aqua Backflow, a private company that will receive, maintain and track backflow device test. Aqua Backflow operates a secure website at www. If you are not currently registered and need to submit testplease review the attached brochure. Devices that are new installations or existing devices that have never been reported to City Utilities will not be found on the website. Therefore, you will not be able to test and you must the report.

Online chat Fort Wayne

The device will be added into the system for you, and you will be provided the Hazard ID so you may enter the test as usual. To ensure the new device is processed quickly, you may the test report to This address is being protected from spambots.

All new devices are reviewed by City Utilities before being added to Trackmybackflow.

Online chat Fort Wayne

If a customer has had their water disconnected due to non-compliance or has an irrigation meter in a pit that is turned off and has contacted you to perform testing, you — not the customer — must contact City Utilities to have the water turned on for testing of the backflow device. These appointments can be scheduled Monday through Friday; weekend appointments are not available. If you require more than 15 minutes, the Representative will leave to go to their next appointment while you perform the testing.

After the testing is complete, you must call the Representative on their cell phone to inform them of the. If the device passes testing, the water will be left on. If the device fails testing, the Representative will return to the site unless they are still there and turn the water back off to protect the safety of the public water supply. The of Online chat Fort Wayne test should be submitted immediately to prevent the service from being disconnected again.

Online chat Fort Wayne

If you cannot keep the Online chat Fort Wayne appointment time, you should call Water Maintenance and Service to reschedule. Call City Utilities Water Maintenance and Service Department at to schedule a time to utilize a City Utilities hydrant to test the backflow device at our facility. If you are ever unsure about which water utility serves the location where you are preforming a backflow preventer test or you need help finding a customer's location, you can find more information through City Utilities' GIS interactive mapping system.

If it is your first time using Online chat Fort Wayne mapping system, you may call to receive basic instruction by phone or you may access written instructions. Templates and printing instructions may be found here. City Utilities publishes a periodic newsletter with information that may be of interest to businesses that do testing of backflow devices and those that may have backflow devices. Recent newsletters are found below:. Visitors City Utilities. CSO Overflow Data The information published on this web is for general information purposes only and is not to be considered a final report for purposes of satisfying any applicable legal requirements.

Here are the most recent updates and information you need to know: Submitting Test City Utilities contracts with Aqua Backflow, a private company that will receive, maintain and track backflow device test. Enforcement How does City Utilities enforce backflow testing requirements? We use a multi-stage process that gives backflow device owners several notices before enforcement actions are taken. The graph below shows the various levels of enforcement activity and the of notices at each level generated in the current month.

This data may help you -- as a certified testing firm -- to anticipate the of requests for service you may receive. : This address is being protected from spambots. More Articles Sub Customer Support. Clean River Team. Drinking Water. Drinking Water Quality. Homeowner Resources. Utilities Rates. De and Construction. Ways You Can Help. Pollution Prevention.

Online chat Fort Wayne

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