Orlando rottweiler rescue

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Both companies, with the help of their gracious fans, have raised money Orlando rottweiler rescue GoFundMe, to help our charity continue to care for our precious animals by providing a much-needed charitable donation. Seeing these animals bring out so much love and generosity from strangers all over the country is what makes our jobs here at GGARR. ORG so rewarding.

It has been hot in South Florida for the last month. People, as usual, are busy taking care of their lives, and it seemed like a once majestic creature was destined to die anonymously and alone. We can't even begin to imagine the pain and suffering she has been through--she has been discarded like a piece of garbage, she is lying in a dump among the debris, pieces of trash, decomposed food, dirt, pieces of wood, plastic cups, styrofoam, and metal.

Her weak, fragile and exhausted body is about to give up. What has she done to deserve this finality? Many days have passed since she had a meal or even clean water to drink. Hiding from people, not knowing who can she trust. Last time she trusted a human, that human abused that trust, didn't feed her, didn't pet her or offer a clean piece of cloth where she can rest at night, hiding like she was ashamed the condition she was in. The only one who needs to be ashamed is the human who put her in such a situation, fending for herself in the most inhospitable place.

Her heart was broken, but deep inside of her, still remained a very small spark of hope--that someone could hear her painful call for help and come to help her. She loses consciousness and when she awoke, she felt a warm voice accompanied by a soft Orlando rottweiler rescue this lady named Isabel Zapata was called by a good samaritan and alerted her about a Rottweiler in desperate need of help.

With no hesitation, Isabel left what she was Orlando rottweiler rescue and ran to this poor soul's help. The dog with the very last amount of strength she had, opened her eyes--the only part of her body still able to move; not even her tail can wag, she is so tired of fighting for survival by herself.

Can she trust this group of people again? Isabel kept telling her to "hang on there baby", "we are taking you to a doctor, baby ", "you are beautiful", "everything is going to be alright". She hears voices of more people coordinating efforts to help her, they hurry to make arrangements to transport her; but who can be ever prepared to find a pet in such bad shape?

What is it, an angel? A soul that has departed? Or a being that watches over those who are in need? Do they live in heaven or do they walk among us? Who knows, but if Isabel and her friends are not angels, they are very close to becoming angels. They patrol day in and out the Redlands in South Florida, saving dogs, cats, puppies, kittens of all breeds, that have also been discarded like Susanna was; not because there was something wrong with them, but because a human failed them; failed to give them proper training, proper food, proper vet care, proper housing, failed them to spend time with them, they were failed in some many ways by selfish humans.

In order to save Susanna the name Isabel gave her, after one of the ladies Orlando rottweiler rescue helped with rescuing her and not Bob, when she realized Susanna was a girl, not a boy. The angels reached Avocado Animal Hospital, the closest veterinary clinic where she can have treatment. But Isabel knows that in order to provide Susanna, a real fighting chance, she has to reach to an organization Orlando rottweiler rescue mission is to save Rottweilers.

And she met a new angel. A petite, tender and loving lady--her name is Yolanda or Yoly to those who have had the honor of meeting her.

Orlando rottweiler rescue

Yoly and her longtime friend Grace Acosta founded GGARR insaving the lives of perhaps thousands of Rottweilers, who, like Susanna, needed a second chance in life. Yoly approached Orlando rottweiler rescue and with delicate and warm hands, pet her torso. Yoly's heart wrinkled and from her eyes, tears started to flow.

This woman who has seen so many dogs in need, cannot comprehend how someone can be capable of such an act of cruelty and disregard for the life of a living being. She whispered into Susanna's ear, "We are going to take care of you, Mama," "we are going to do everything in our power to save you. Prior to her, the rescue has taken back to back Miles, a young Rottweiler, who was hit by a car and required intensive care and surgeries; Jax an month-old Rottweiler that was shot six times by his owner's neighbor.

Jax was at risk of not walking at all. Not even a week after taking Jax, the rescue took in Jada, an 8-month old female from Orlando rottweiler rescue County, who was also shot in one of her front legs. Jada too requires intense and expensive vet care. Adriana Martinez.

Orlando rottweiler rescue

Fostering Transporting Donations Other ways to help. You own a Rottweiler, now what? Please visit them and support a great small business! Luna and Kaos Bradie with their Guardian Angels medallion.

Orlando rottweiler rescue

The wonderful story of one of our supporters and adopters October after his adoption! You will NOT believe his transformation. or on Orlando rottweiler rescue picture above. The Dog Whisperer in Miami! Cesar and Grace Acosta Our rescue Rottweilers on stage. Stormy - the "wanna be" Rottweiler - one of our first rescues read his story here. Get more pics and recent news by Liking us on Facebook:. I found a dog Surrendering your dog Gulfstream Rottweiler Club.

Please consider fostering! Please visit his by clicking on his picture.

Orlando rottweiler rescue

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