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Social Distancing Measures — Please click on this link. for of Archery Hunters per Site. The Illinois seasons for deer and fall turkey hunting are coincidental.

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Participants will pay one archery hunt program participation fee and will be required to qualify as has been the tradition of the BCCD Archery Hunt Program. All archery hunters are expected to accommodate firearm hunt program participants need to carry in and set-up stands. Additionally, firearm hunters are required to set their stands within 50 feet of their deated hunt stand location. Occasionally, these stand locations will be near a stand site selected by an archery hunter.

Please recognize that the firearm hunters must conform to the stand location they are ased to. Risk management criteria was used to establish firearm hunt stand locations, so we cannot alter them. All hunters must remain at least 75 feet off all gravel or paved roadways. Hunters must be at least 30 yards inside conservation district property boundaries.

At Kinnikinnick — All hunters must remain at least feet from any Sex date Boone ky property, which typically means remaining on the interior side the equestrian trail. Archery Qualifications: Archery qualifications are held annually starting on the second Saturday in May 8 a. Highway 20, Garden Prairie, Illinois.

See full rules and regulations for more information. The process will occur as follows:. There is no distinction between deer or turkey hunter for hunting stand selection. Everyone follows this process. On Sticker Day, qualified hunters will arrive at their deated time for sticker placement. Each conservation area will have a deated time — for example, hunters drawn to hunt at Kinnikinnick Conservation Area will have between a.

The order by which hunters will place their stickers will no longer be based on a first come basis. The order will be determined by the order each hunter or hunting group is drawn when the lottery for site selection is done. However, this method will require hunters to be at the office at the beginning of their time slot to place their stickers as everyone in attendance will be arranged in the order that they were drawn during the site selection lottery.

If a hunter or hunting group is not able to arrive at the beginning of the time slot for their deated hunting area that hunter or hunting group will have the following options:. Is not able to participate on Sticker Day — Participants will be allowed Sex date Boone ky place stickers to deate their hunting stand location during regular business hours of the BCCD — or, if needed, arrange an appointment with a BCCD staff person to complete this task prior to hunting.

When it is your turn to enter the building, you will be provided with 1 to 4 stickers to mark your stand location, and if needed, the stand locations for other members of your deated hunting group. No one is permitted to place a sticker on a hunting map for someone who is not a member of their own hunting group. After you have placed your sticker s on the map of your deated hunting area we ask that you leave the building to keep the process moving.

The official hunting stand maps will be kept at the administration office throughout the archery hunt season. Hunters may relocate their chosen stand site but must do so by coming into the office and making the change with BCCD staff assistance during regular business Sex date Boone ky. If necessary, it may be possible to request an appointment with sufficient Sex date Boone ky notice to meet a staff person and make a stand location change outside normal business hours.

Beaver Bluffs Conservation Area: a. Distillery Road Conservation Area: a. Rainbow Gardens: to a. Kinnikinnick Creek Cons. Area: to a. Lib Conservation Area: p. Piscasaw Fen Cons.

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Area: p. Ballard Farm Cons. Kishwaukee Valley Cons. East County Line Cons. Funderburg Cons. Area North: p. Sewell Cons. Area South: p. No nails or spikes are to be driven into any trees. No boot-type tree climbing aids are allowed. Permanent tree stands are not allowed. The tag must be visible to read from the ground.

All participants must use a safety harness specifically intended for use with elevated hunting stands. Deer or turkey harvested on District property must be properly tagged before field dressing or being moved. Harvested deer or turkey must be reported to the BCCD by the hunter who harvested the animal.

Similar information is required for reporting a turkey harvest. Hunters may e-mail Sex date Boone ky information to the BCCD at: dkane bccdil.

Sex date Boone ky

Any participant wishing to track a wounded deer or turkey in an ading conservation area that is part of the BCCD archery hunt program is allowed to search for the animal. Any participant wishing to track a wounded deer or turkey outside the approved conservation area must obtain permission from the private property owners.

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No field dressing of deer or turkey on hiking trails, along roadways, or in parking lot. Do not cover entrails with leaves, grass, etc.

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No cutting of vegetation which has a stem diameter of larger than two inches. At Kinnikinnick, only minimal trimming of vegetation is permitted or allowed. Use of plastic flagging, spray paint or other non-removable methods to mark trails is strictly prohibited.

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All removable trail markers shall be removed by the same date that stands must be removed. Each participant must first qualify by hitting 4 of 5 shots at a 6-inch target at a distance of 20 yards 15 yards for recurve or non-mechanical bows.

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Practice points are now recommended for qualifications. In addition to the rules and regulations listed on the Hunting Rules sheet, the District and the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission require the following provisions be followed at the Kinnikinnick Creek Conservation Area:. Minimal trimming is allowed for the deer stand. A portion of Kinnikinnick Creek Conservation Area is also an Illinois Nature Preserve Area, which is subject to strict rules and regulations of the state with respect to damage to trees, shrubs or other Sex date Boone ky.

Do your best to only trim small finger-sized twigs and branches. Hunters must remain at least feet inside the property line from any Kinnikinnick Creek Conservation Area boundary with an ading private property. In most circumstances this means hunting on the interior side of the horse trail, which follows the perimeter of the entire conservation area. Note: To enter the service entrance off Harnish Road, you must park in the deated mowed parking area; vehicles are not permitted beyond the mowed parking area. The Boone County Conservation District closes some sites to general public use during the late fall through early spring snow season.

Sites that are closed to general public access have extended archery hunting opportunities. Sites that will remain open and maintained during this period of time will have fewer hunting dates available to provide other patrons with access and recreational use of these sites. Please give this consideration when you rank the site preference on your forms or group -up.

These sites are colored RED on the Calendar. Hunters that have successfully qualified and been ased a conservation area to hunt are required to pay their participation fee in full by September 1st, Please see fee schedules above. Hunters may elect to volunteer at BCCD to reduce the Sex date Boone ky of their hunting fee.

Sex date Boone ky

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