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Nights off, pants off. How would a fated encounter with the most unexpected person in camp turn out? Keep reading. Hope to see you guys there! Jake, twenty one year old, tough straight boy. Jake was running, in his white tank - perfectly showing off his muscles, when he got the text. Jake had robbed a liquor store a month back and now, he was set to fulfill his sentence. His sentence was to become a boy slave for an older man. In the future, Daddies rule society and straight boys are sent to serve them for even the smallest of crimes.

The government looks the other way when straight boys are kidnapped off the streets too. Daddy has his needs. Jake knew that there was no way of avoiding it. He would be hunted otherwise. But the thought of serving a man made him want to vomit. So he got dressed and arrived at the address, where he was set to be stationed. An ornate apartment building that looked richer than anything Jake had seen in his life. Jake took Sg boy tumblr selfie, giving the man the middle finger, and sent it off.

The judge during his trial had not said how long this sentence would last, but Jake had heard the stories. Two years of service turned into a life time. He stepped off the elevator and gasped, he was standing in an ornate living room. A modern and fashionable apartment that was the size of a mansion. Fit and bearded, the man wore an expensive looking suit. He was taller than Jake and athletic, but not as huge as the man in black. So, this was daddy, thought Jake. Welcome home. You can call me Daddy. And this man here, that has already started to put you in your place is my guard Roland.

Roland is here to protect me and to assist in any…. Jake almost doubled over, shit that man was strong. Daddy took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his face. Daddy sat down in a large chair and lit a cigarette. Jake groaned. Daddy was right, he was trapped. And another punch from that man was possibly going to make him collapse. Okay, okay…. Jake took a deep breath and took his sweatshirt off. Daddy opened his legs and pointed to a spot on the Sg boy tumblr where a taped X had been laid out, very close to Daddy.

Jake stepped the X and started to take his shirt off. Jake groaned and slowly took his shirt off, revealing well defined abs sticking out of his white tank. Jake threw his shirt to the side, along with is belt, and unzipped his jeans. He stepped out of them and stood before the man in a white tank, black boxer briefs and his white long socks. Daddy took a hold of the white tank and ripped it apart, until it was gone. Finally, he grabbed both sides of the boxer briefs and ripped those too. Jake gasped.

He wanted to scream, this felt so fucking humiliating. Jake tried to pull away, but Roland held him still. This forty year old man was licking his body like it was candy, his hands groping his ass and moving towards his hole. Jake screamed into his gag as Daddy continued to suck his cock. Daddy stopped and sat back in his chair. He could feel Daddy getting hard. It wants you. Such a bad boy. Roland brought over a silver Sg boy tumblr with pairs of white tanks, white Sg boy tumblr and white ankle socks on them.

So your uniform will help. White tank, white briefs and white socks. Gets me so hard to see you like that. Jake screamed into his gag and struggled as Roland slid a pair of briefs onto him and a pair of ankle socks. Daddy took hold of the paddle. You need a spanking. All bad boys need a spanking. Fifty spanks later, his ass was red and sore.

I think tied spread eagle on a bondage table for now. Get some rest Jake. Jake tried to resist as he was led down the stairs to the dungeon, but Roland was too strong. Sg boy tumblr was eventually laid out on a bondage table. Eventually Daddy came down wearing a silk robe, and stopped Roland. Roland put the whip away and stood by the dungeon entrance. Jake was pleading through the gag, which was now painful, his jaw aching from being held open by the huge ball.

Daddy undid his robe and let it fall to the floor, revealing his naked body and rock hard cock. Jake started to pull at his restraints, as Daddy climbed on top of the bondage table and onto Jake. But I have Sg boy tumblr duty to the court to make you suffer. And you have a duty, because of your sentence, to be my pleasure toy.

My slave. So this cannot be avoided. Get some lube. And you will feel my cock all the way up your hole. Have you ever fucked a girl rough? I bet you have. Tough boy. Daddy kissed Jake on the ball gag and started to prepare the boy for fucking.

He tried to beg, and then in one full thrust, he was being fucked. And Daddy had no mercy. Looking for places for gloryholes or understalls in Singapore? This toilet in the heartlands of Singapore is no doubt the place where gays from all walks to life Sg boy tumblr. We have students in uniform jerking, NS men looking for under stall and even old uncles out to have some fun. No glory holes or peepholes but no doubt the best place to have fun.

Sg boy tumblr

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