What does a girl do on top

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While you might like the idea of climbing on top of your partner and going to town in the " cowgirl" positionit isn't always easy to know how to move during sexparticularly when you're the one in control. You might feel held back by insecurity, lack of experience, or a lack of confidence. But if you follow a few tips for enjoying being on topyou'll be riding your partner like a pro in no time.

And hey, it definitely is a worthy goal. According to Vanessa Marina sex therapist who specializes in helping people have better relationships"girl on top" just so happens to be one of the best positions for orgasm. Unlike missionaryor other positions where your partner chooses the pace, cowgirl is all you. It's part of the reason why it can be so fun — you get to be on full display and control the pace.

Of course, the very same things that make " riding cowgirl " so great are exactly what can make it intimidating. There's also the thinking about stamina and how your bodies will align and other physical aspects of the sexual dynamic. The best way to move past all of that? Practice, communicate, practice some more, and remember to have fun.

Here are nine tips for feeling more confident What does a girl do on top top, according to experts. It's really easy to get in your head while on top and put pressure on yourself to have "all the right moves. The most important thing is to figure out what feels right to you.

What does a girl do on top

That might mean closing your eyes and zeroing in on the sensations. If you feel distracted or self-conscious, flick off all the lights so that you don't have to think about what you look like from your partner's perspective. She says many performers bounce up and down and exert a lot of effort, but that isn't necessarily how it has to work in your life.

Cowgirl can be a relaxed position, too.

What does a girl do on top

Try sticking to a smaller range of motion, moving slower, and grinding on your partner instead of bouncing. Your partner can lie flat on their back while you straddle them. Lower down onto their penis or strap-on and slowly start to rock back and forth. Experiment with What does a girl do on top and counterclockwise movements.

To change the angle, put your hands flat on the bed on either side of their head and lean forward towards them. Then try sitting back up again and leaning backwards slightly. Each time you try something new, compare it to the other things you've tried, Marin says. It might make the position easier — and more enjoyable — if you go at your own pace. Since cowgirl is all about how you move your hips, Marin suggests getting on your knees on your bed and stuffing a pillow between your legs.

Even though it might feel silly, she says it's a great way to figure out what you like as you get used to the movement. If you have a wand-style vibrator, you can even hold it upright on the bed and mount it, Marin says. Foreplay can help, too. This might mean watching a sexy video, touching yourself, or sexting with your partner. Another tip? If you want to learn more about this position, build your strength, and ask someone a whole bunch of questions, consider ing up for a class.

If you pick up a new tip in class or get to the end of this article find a time to hop into bed with a partner to give it a try. Another way to explore cowgirl is by asking your partner to grab your hips and move you around. This is not only super hot, but it also takes the pressure off you being the one to orchestrate everything.

Try out different movements, speeds, and levels of penetration that feel good to you both. Once you figure out how to What does a girl do on top your hips while on top and feel more comfortable with the basic idea of cowgirl, Marin recommends reaching your hand down and touching yourself as you grind against your partner. This will make it easier for you to have an orgasm and your partner will love being able to watch.

You can also ask them to touch you or use a vibrator. It always helps to chat things out. And keeping talking all throughout. As you figure out cowgirl, keep reminding yourself to focus on finding what feels good for you. Vanessa Marinsex therapist.

What does a girl do on top

Marla Renee Stewart, MAsexpert. This article was originally published on Oct. By Vanessa Marin and Carolyn Steber. Updated: May 24, Originally Published: Oct. Give Yourself Permission To Feel Good It's really easy to get in your head while on top and put pressure on yourself to have "all the right moves. Practice By Yourself. See All Health Relationships Self.

What does a girl do on top

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