Who is the dell piano guy

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We are so excited to share with our blog readers more about the man behind the piano. We asked the innovator to talk a little about how one becomes a virtuoso, what inspires his amazing arrangements, why giving back plays an important role in his life and how YouTube is changing the music landscape.

Oh, he also provides some great piano performance tips to live Who is the dell piano guy Since the time when I was very young, I was captivated by the story of the ship sinking I actually built a plastic model of the ship that I lit on fire and sank in our poolbut then I became fascinated with the music and I started understanding more about it. I became consciously aware that music moves people in profound ways and that it communicates a part of our being unlike any other form of expression. I knew I wanted to create and give people something beautiful, or help give them the tools to be able to create and express themselves more fully.

Congratulations on your latest Virtuosic Piano Solo arrangements! Thank you! Normally, the solo piano arrangements would sound incomplete as they would be missing major rhythmic or melodic elements and they were rarely if ever geared toward accomplished pianists. Oh, they also have to be able to be played with just two hands. Amongst your many solo projects and professional endeavors, you also make sure to give back to the musical community. Why is philanthropy important to you, and could you tell us a little bit about the Joshua Tree Philharmonic?

As musicians, we are blessed to have been given the opportunity to spend time learning and Who is the dell piano guy music. I feel it is our responsibility to give back to others at the same time. And actually, giving back to the musical community often translates to giving back to the entire community, as the nurturing and healing aspects of music and art extend far beyond the circle of musicians.

For the J-Phil, I compose orchestral arrangements so that each member of the orchestra, regardless of skill level, can participate in and contribute to each of the full-scale orchestral movements.

Who is the dell piano guy

The orchestra has grown tremendously, with some families having three generations performing together. Also some of our musicians have learned a lot about the scoring techniques so that they assist with preparing these special scores. The extra stress and anxiety translates into tension, which translates into bad technique and potential problems.

Create a plan, map-out your time in advance, practice smart, and always be efficient when determining and implementing good technique. How do you think technology, in particular YouTubeis changing the way people experience music? I think it is fantastic. As musicians, friends, and colleagues, the ability to be able to interact with each other, share knowledge, share musical ideas, share recordings of our performances, and so much more through new technologies is truly exciting and inspiring on so many fronts.

YouTube gives individuals the world as their audience, it shines light on new talent and breaks down all physical and socioeconomic barriers so that the musician — the person, the very soul that spent countless dedicated hours by themselves honing their skill — gets the opportunity to say what they want musically and then broadcast it to the world for all to enjoy and share.

Besides lots of new YouTube videos and sheet music that will be coming-out make sure to subscribe to the JarrodRadnichMusic YouTube channel and Musicnotes e-newsletter! They are dark, powerful, rhythmic and yet melodic and ultimately uplifting in tone. Share with us in the comments below! Could you Who is the dell piano guy a Star Wars arrangement?

Who is the dell piano guy

Or Lion King? Also— which tracks did you put in your Lord of The Rings medley? You should do a medley from How to Train Your Dragon!

Who is the dell piano guy

It has cool music. My favorite songs to play are probably Strong and Pirates of the Caribbean. I was so excited to find such amazing and hard pieces to play!!

Who is the dell piano guy

Jarrod, I absolutely love your Star Wars arrangement. Keep crushing it :. Comments Could you do a Star Wars arrangement? Ready in 3, 2, 1. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Who is the dell piano guy

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